- Fall 2014 -

Rutgers Student Center

126 College Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

October 11 & 12th 2014


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R U Hacking? You should be!

HackRU is a 24-hour student hackathon at Rutgers University, where students come from all over the country to create. Whether you have an idea that’s going to save the world or you just want to make people laugh, HackRU is a opportunity to build something awesomely real (and, of course, win sweet prizes).

At HackRU, you’ll have access to technologies and mentors from industry leading companies, as well as the phenomenal brains of your fellow hackers to help you create something – anything – to show off during demos, where your creation will be shown to a panel of judges and anyone else who wants to take a look.

An incredible experience for learning and creation.

Yes, we know prizes are cool (and don’t worry, we have plenty of those) but at HackRU, our focus is on learning and creation. We believe that whether you don’t know a ‘for’ loop from a ‘while’ loop, or you you have a 5-digit Stack Overflow score, there is something in the vast world of programming that you can still learn, and that HackRU is just the place for you to learn it.

Visit out FAQ to find out more about HackRU Fall 2014, including the date, location, and transportation information.

Event Schedule:

Saturday, October 11th
  • 12:00pm Registration Begins!
  • 3:00pm Opening Ceremonies
  • 4:00pm Commence Hacking!
  • 8:00pm Tech Talks
Sunday, October 12th
  • 12:00pm Hacking Ends; Judging Begins!
  • 2:00pm Awards and Closing Ceremony

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